Monthly Archives: December 2013

Cats in the news

By Cleo Pet

Cat pulls a paw to the laptop

Cats, the animals not the Andrew Lloyd Webber masterpiece are what we love here at Cleo Pet. Obviously we love our dogs as well, there is no need to compete for our affections, but most recently we’ve noticed some media attention for our feline friends. So in case you missed any of the best stories, here’s a quick round up:

1)      Cats ignore you

 Did you ever get that sneaky feeling that even the best trained house cat decides that all of a sudden it can’t hear you? Well the good scientists at the University of Tokyo have discovered that your cat, whilst it can hear you, sometimes doesn’t care enough to respond.

2)      Fur markings make your cat famous, apparently

Ok, so it’s not strictly a news story but we had to add this great piece from BoredPanda. Some of the markings are just fantastic, even if spookily realistic.

3)      Foreign languages are no longer a catastrophe…

We apologise for the poor pun, but if you want to learn a new language, cats seem to hold all the cards, grammar, vocabulary… everything.

4)      The Premier Inn is no longer good enough

We all love our cats, but some it seems, slightly more than others. Welcome to the cat boutique. Rooms start at £15 and can go as high as £45 for the evening. Humans aren’t welcome.

5)      James Franco brings his work home

The hollywood superstar is well known for his multitude of abilities. His latest fascination, bringing his work home… (Just click the link)