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Fat Cat

5 Things Your Cat Should Do This Spring

1) Cut out the bad stuff

We’ve had a really wet winter, Christmas was filling and Easter is later than usual. Be aware that when your cat starts eating things it shouldn’t, it can be quite hard to wean them off it.  With Easter holidays just around the corner remember, cats shouldn’t eat any chocolate. Some studies suggest switching between dry and wet diets for the warmer months may also be helpful for your cats health.

Fat Cat
2) Have a Spring Clean

Like humans, a regular clean out of things your cat doesn’t need or are ruined should happen this time of the year. Your cats may have for example destroyed the litter box or worse, big pieces of furniture! Cluttered areas, lack of space or just anything inhibiting your cat from having a good run around, or general laze can cause a bit of feline stress. We love this cat shelving mixed with err hmm, facilities.

You wanted privacy…

3) It’s all about the relaxation

Cats cannot unfortunately laze in a hammock like a good human. We’ve checked videos on YouTube and definitely know that is the case. Cats will still sleep for 16 hours daily on average, even in the summer months. The right sleeping environment is crucial, so make sure they have the best bed possible. We’re not even going to sneak in a link, our duffle and radiator beds are 100% cat approved, and look stylish in any home.

A little too relaxed

4) Play more!

Most cats do not exercise enough, simple. A study in 2012 showed that cats with owners were twice less likely to get enough than stray cats. But there is something that you the owner can do, and hopefully your willing cat can do about it… Play more often. Think of it this way, if something is active and fun, you’d do it more often, cats are no different. Fun little games, chasing mice or playing with springy toys is a great starting point.

cat playing

5) Pamper session required

Spring, its all about new beginnings, change, a chance to take a step forwards and be rejuvenated. A trip to a day spa is what most of us may decide to day, a cat cafe’ is what our feline friends can aspire to. Unless Starbucks changes its no pet policy however, the later may be harder for both cat and owner to achieve. The most important thing? Keep those claws clean and not too long, a scratch post can help achieve both and don’t require a trip to Japan for a cat friendly coffee.

Do I look like a film star yet?