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The Supreme Cat Show

On Saturday we made our annual trip to The Supreme Cat Show at the NEC in Birmingham. It is notoriously a fantastic show and this year didn’t disappoint! We had a great day and it was lovely to hear so many nice comments about our products from Cleo customers. With winter upon us many people took the opportunity to purchase one of our Radiator Beds with our new Small Radiator Bed attracting a lot of interest.

That is it for 2014 with regards to shows. We have had great fun exhibiting at the various shows this year and we look forward to more shows in 2015.

Supreme Stand 2014

The danger of household plants for cats

We recently received some upsetting news about a kitten that sadly died after chewing on a lily that was on display in the home. Whilst they are attractive flowers to have on show, it is imperative to remember that all parts of the lily are toxic to cats. A small nibble on a leaf or a lick of pollen can be enough to cause fatal kidney failure.

Although events like this cause a great deal of concern, it is important to note that such occurrences are rare as cats are generally pernickety about what they will eat. However, it is still strongly recommended that you take the necessary precautionary action and remove all hazardous plants from your household, particularly if you have a kitten or an indoor cat as they are most likely to come into contact with any indoor plants. It isn’t just lilies that are hazardous for cats; the International Cat Care website contains a comprehensive list of hazardous household plants. It is strongly advised that you read this list to check that your home is safe.

If you suspect that your cat has been poisoned you should contact your vet immediately. Signs to watch out for include; repeated vomiting, severe diarrhoea, signs of excessive irritation of the throat, skin or mouth, or if you cat suddenly collapses. If you see your cat eating something which you suspect is poisonous then take them to your vet immediately, ideally with as much information regarding the plant as possible (a label from the plant would be ideal).  DO NOT encourage the cat to vomit.

Keeping your cat safe during fireworks season

This time of year the night skies are usually lit up with fireworks and whilst they provide excellent entertainment for adults they can be distressing for your cats.

It is important that you take extra measures at this time of year to ensure your cat is safe and calm. It is strongly advised that you keep your cat safely indoors with all doors, cat flaps and windows locked and curtains closed. Make sure your cat has access to their bed, usual sleeping spot or hideaway, where they can retreat to and feel safe and comfortable. My cat usually sleeps on our bed but can often be found hidden underneath the bed at this time of year as she finds it more calming under there. So we make sure the area is free from clutter and easily accessible for her.

With your cat safely inside make sure they have access to a litter tray. Help to try and mask any loud bangs and noises from outside by turning the TV up or playing soothing music. Finally, make sure you stay calm and act normally. Cats who are distressed prefer to be left alone and not fussed over.