‘Things you need to know about owning a cat’

Are you are thinking of joining the reported 8.5 million cat owners in the UK?

If so there are lots of things you need to consider before committing to Cat ownership.

My wife and I have owned twenty cats, and I have fostered over seventy more, which gives me lots of knowledge and experience to share with you. Hopefully this will help you and give you an insight into what cat ownership really entails. Here are a few basic details about keeping a cat…

  1. Cats generally live between 10-20 years.
  2. If you intend to get a kitten you will need to get them spayed or neutered when they are about four months old.
  3. Your cat will need to be vaccinated (two injections initially then yearly boosters). These are for ‘Cat Flu’ and ‘Feline enteritis’. A third jab is available for FELV (Feline Leukaemia).
  4. It’s a good idea to get your cat micro chipped so it can be easily identified. And don’t forget to update your details up to date on the chip register, if you move house or details change.
  5. Regular flea treatments will be needed. I recommend every four months.
  6. You will need to worm your cat with an oral tablet every six months. I recommend using a vet to make sure you get the correct type.
  7. Consider the cost of pet insurance. Medical treatment can be very expensive, so do not underestimate the potential cost if something goes wrong and budget accordingly.
  8. Feeding your cat will cost in the region of £30 a month. Cats eat wet or dry food, cats have their own preferences.
  9. Indoor cats require a litter trays and cat litter. Most cats and kittens are litter trained by the time they are available as a pet.
  10. If your cat is to have access to the outdoors it’s a good idea to fit a cat flap. There are many on the market and if you do not want neighbouring cats to gain entry it might be worth choosing one which opens with a collar magnet, or with your cats microchip.
  11. If you are going on holiday you will need to ask a friend or neighbour to feed your cat for you, or find a well respected cattery nearby.
  12. Cats need toys, scratching posts which will need replacing regularly and quality bedding which should be cleaned regularly.

So, there are lots of things you need to consider when owning a cat, and also you need to realistically budget for food, litter and treatments.

Owning a cat is an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience, however it is so important that you are aware of these things before taking a cat in to your home. I have fostered many cats where the owners have underestimated what ownership entails, and my hope is the above information and my future blogs will be informative and help you make the right choices.

My next blog will be about choosing the ‘purrfect’ cat for you!

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