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Cat or Dog?

cat and dog

It’s an argument that has raged for centuries, what makes a better pet, Cat or Dog? Search the web and you will find thousands of results that speak of this fractious debate; but never fear, we at Cleo Pet have decided to step into the debate and give you some original paws for thought on which makes a better pet for your home.


The working world has changed dramatically over the last 40 years. With more and more people spending more time at their desks, commuting and away over night, having a pet, any pet, means that responsibility on supervising the animal is required.

However, it is also impractical to expect someone to be able to look after your pet whilst you’re working the hours, or having to take overnight stays in a different location altogether.

Winner: Cat

Why? Cats can be left unsupervised for quite a long period of the day, and whilst we don’t advise you should do this long term, as long as cats have all the necessities provided for them, mainly access to water and food as well as into your home, cats are predominantly self sufficient and can manage their time on their own.

Change can be a good thing

The modern day environments are constantly changing as our social lives as well. From visiting friends and family a few hours away in the car to having to move for work into new and different cities, being a pet owner can also mean having to consider how well your pet can adapt to these changes.

From the environment that surrounds them to their new daily routines, if your pet is settled, and the quicker it settles, the better it will be for both you, the pet and the family.

Winner: Dog

Why? Dogs are more adaptable than cats in new environments and changes to their routines more so than cats. In essence, your dog’s behaviour is more philosophical than a cat to these changes and can provide great company in those times of change for you as well in your new environment.

Keep fit and healthy

It is recommended that everyone does at least 30 minute exercise, five times a week that gets your heart pumping and your lungs working to stave away diseases related to being overweight and generally unfit. Things such as heart disease or diabetes can be countered with such exercise routines and measures.

Winner: Dog

Why? Have you ever tried to walk a cat? Probably not, and nor should you. Cats are independent and develop their exercise skills in a host of different ways; including toys, cat climbers and general tom foolery in their own private time and space. But dogs help get you off the couch and out into fresh air every day, guaranteed. Yes, the downside is when it’s cold and wet you need to go with them, and that’s not a pleasant thought but overall, you will reap the rewards with daily exercise that your dog helps provide.

Size of home

Homes are getting smaller. As reported in February 2016, the average size of a home in the UK is four square meters smaller than the recommended sizes given as a guideline by the government. When you also consider that the cost of buying homes is going up and people moving into apartments to save on cost and space factors, you need to think of what pet would be best suited to these smaller, cosier spaces.

Winner: Cat

Why? Cats, no matter what size, can find a way to be able to live in a small environment without causing any or much distress whilst dogs, even the smallest ones, need space to move around and explore their territory. Cats can live in small homes or even studio apartments and will be comfortable in their smaller spaced environment.

There are many different reasons to have a cat or dog as your new pet, either however can make great company when it comes to being a treasured member of the family. Keep in mind your environment and lifestyle before making a decision on owning a pet as all pets require time, patience and lots of love.

5 things you didn’t know about your dog!

We’re back and we’re talking about dogs! How many of you think you know everything there is to know about dogs? Show of hands, anyone? Well, we’re sorry to tell you this but we’re keen students of many an animal, dogs being just one of these creatures that we’ve studied assiduously. Why? Because they’re cute, funny and just when you thought you knew everything, they surprise you.

We think we know at least five things that you don’t know about your canine friend and we’re so sure we’re not going to give anything away in case you already knew it…

  1. They know when you’re happy or sad

Apart from saying to your canine companion that you’re happy or playing Adele records to show you’re sad dogs know all about human emotion. They are in fact the only creatures in the animal kingdom that can read human facial expressions which solves two mysteries; why bears don’t understand you are scared witless when they’re chasing you and why dogs know they’ve done wrong when they’ve stolen the last slice of cake from the fridge. The big question is, do they know when someone is HANGRY, hungry and angry?

  1. Your dog knows what the weather is like before you do!

Your dog may not be a fully trained meteorologist, but they do have the ability to sense when the weather is going to turn thanks to their impressive hearing and what can only be described as freakish sixth sense. If your dog is acting up, this may be the reason why. Dogs have been known to be early warning systems and it’s not uncommon to hear about dogs ‘playing up’ before storms and even worse, earthquakes.

  1. Some dogs can increase your home insurance

There you go, definitely one we think you haven’t heard of. A badly behaved dog can radically increase your home insurance especially if they ask for your specific breed. The Akita Inus are particularly well known for causing disruption around the home and breaking things. We would always advise to keep prized possessions locked up or stowed safely out of any dog’s reach, but there sometimes is no guarantee. If you’re applying for home insurance, you may want to omit the breed if not specified.

  1. Dog’s don’t have the biggest vocabulary but they know sounds

Well, you may have know that but did you know how big their vocabulary actually is? Any idea? It’s around 150 – 250 words; the latter is for smarter dogs only. But did you know that in a large portion of the time spent trying to learn words what they’re actually learning is sounds. That’s right, it’s about sound association with behaviour which is why they don’t understand some context of what you’re saying in the moments that you say them. Very much in the same way that you can’t teach dogs different languages but if you were to take your dog on holiday, the sound similarities between translated words may make it behave differently for one word over another.

  1. Tails are for wagging and chasing

If you’ve ever seen a dog behave in a strange way, you will notice one thing, the tail going like the clappers. This is not uncommon as it is a sign of emotion and muscles working in unison. But did you know this? When dogs chase their own tail they are doing this to flatten any area around them, mainly grassy areas to make a comfortable sleeping spot.

It looks like you can teach an old dog new tricks after all, we hope you liked our ‘5 things you didn’t know about your dog’ piece. If you have anything you think we didn’t know, then why not drop us a message or comment.